GO Smart allows you to pull data in very powerful ways.


You can preview each individual submission online as a read-only form that is perfectly formatted for HTML viewing. This form allows you to easily dive into the responses from an individual applicant. The form automatically generates a header and footer that contains basic applicant and grant information, as well as your logo.

Screenshot of HTML preview from Atlanta
Each read-only HTML preview automatically includes a header and footer that includes basic applicant and grant information.
Each read-only HTML preview begins with the applicant’s profile information, alleviating the need to ask for that basic information in every application form.
Additional pages, tables, and questions of the form populate into the remainder of the read-only HTML preview.
Click the Print PDF button to easily convert the HTML to a PDF, optimal for printing.


Easily convert the HTML version to a PDF for printing. View all of the applicant data offline or create an archive of past submissions for your records.

Screenshot of PDF preview from Atlanta
Preview the PDF in any PDF reader software on your computer.
View thumbnails of each page in the PDF.
Easily download or print the PDF.


GO Smart allows you to pull custom reports including any or all data gathered over the lifecycle of a grant. Utilize our templated NEA and Activity Locations reports designed specifically for pass-through funders of the National Endowment of the Arts.

Screenshot of the Custom Report Builder
Select the desired grant program and cycle.
Select the desired data from your applicants’ profile.
Select the desired data that is generated by the system or created by you on the grant manager dashboard.
Select the desired pages of the application, intent to apply, interim report, and or final report to include all content from that page in the report.
Easily select all items at once.
Select the desired status(es) to include in the report.
Pull templated reports created specifically for pass-through funders of the National Endowment of the Arts.


All reports are viewable online as an HTML table, but you can also download any report to Excel, Google Sheets, or any spreadsheet software. Once viewed in this software, you can manipulate the data to make decisions and learn more about your applicants. Use additional software like Tableau to visualize your data and tell your story.

Screenshot of two types of charts generated from reports
Using software such as Tableau, create visualizations of your data such as this map that shows zip codes where awards were made.
Using software such as Google Sheets, create visualizations of your data such as this chart that shows awards as percentages of expense budgets.