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A single GO Smart cycle has the capacity to offer the following forms: one application and an optional intent to apply, interim report, and final report. If you need to offer alternative forms such as reimbursement requests, invoice requests, a stand-alone interim or final report, etc. you will likely need to create a flexible form (aka flex form, flexible pageset).

This will require the creation of an additional cycle within the same program and can incur additional fees. Be sure to discuss your plans with a member of the GO Smart team.


If you have conducted the application and/or interim report in another system or offline but would like to offer your interim and/or final report in GO Smart.

Solo Final Report

If you are asking your applicants to submit an associated form that does not fit the mold of an interim or final report.

Reimbursement Requests

If there are multiple steps to your application process whereby applicants will have to complete the next questionnaire after being approved for the prior.

Preliminary Eligibility phases

How to use this feature:

  • Navigate to Grant Editor > Program Cycles Select the Program and Cycle that this form should be associated with
  • Navigate to the Clone Tools tab and click Create New Cycle
  • Change the Cycle Name. TIP: include the original cycle name as part of the new title
  • From Configure Cycle, set the Active Cycle Order number so that the associated pages appear near each other, or see this tutorial for ordering cycles.
  • Edit all additional logistics for the new form and save the updates
    • From the Applicant Access & Dates tab, use the Open Application and Application Deadline fields for this flex form even if the flex form will be used as an Intent to Apply, Interim Report, and/or Final Report
  • Navigate to Grant Editor > Cycle Pages and remove, edit, or add pages to complete your form
    • Add pages of your flex form as peach application pages, do not use the Intent to Apply, Interim Report, or Final Report pages for the Flex Form, even if it will be named any of those items.

We recommend flex forms only when using a single cycle for your entire grant process from start to finish isn’t possible.