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The Affordable Grants Management Solution

We want to make budgeting for your grants management software easy and understandable, which is why you’ll never see hidden costs or fees. With four transparent pricing options, you’re sure to find the one that works best for you!

Prices start at $1,000


The easiest and most affordable way to offer a straightforward application process.
$ 1,000 per cycle
  • Application Forms
  • Intent to Apply Forms
  • Final Report Forms
  • Integrated Panels
  • 5 Admin Seats
  • Unlimited Applicants
  • Unlimited Panelists
  • Multi-Submission Tool ($150 per cycle)


Offer your applicants a way to check in with you throughout the granting season.
$ 1,500 per cycle
  • Everything in Basic
  • Mid Year Report Forms
  • Multi-Submission Tool ($150 per cycle)


Administer up to 10 annual grants with all the bells and whistles that GO Smart offers.
$ 10K annually
  • Everything in Plus
  • Up to 10 Annual Cycles
  • Multi-Submission Tool (included)


Administer an unlimited number of grants without restriction or extra fees.
$ 15K annually
  • Everything in Premier
  • Upgraded Tools
  • Up to 10 Basic/Plus Cycles
  • Unlimited Admin Seats
  • 35hrs of Support

All Plans Include

Set up Fee

New clients are charged a one-time set up fee.
$ 1,000
  • Set up and onboarding

Annual Fee

All plans are charged the annual fee.
$ 500
  • Included in Premier and Unlimited plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we’re commonly asked.

We’ve been able to help clients get a contract signed and an application launched within a day! Most commonly, we train clients and they build their applications within one to two weeks of signing up. 

A cycle is a single offering of your grant application program. For some, a cycle may be just a single application because that’s all their grant program requires. For others with more in-depth funding requirements, a cycle could be an application, an intent to apply, a grant panel, mid-year report(s), and a final report. 

We offer discounts to clients using more than one WESTAF product (ZAPPlication®, Call for Entry™, Public Art Archive™, or CVSuite™). Let us know if you already use one of these great solutions or are interested in learning more!

GO Smart accommodates a range of application-based opportunities and grants. Our most common programs are general operating support for community arts programmers, fellowship awards, and direct funding to artists.

The GO Smart team is available by email and phone from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time, and we have a comprehensive Help Center available day or night. We also offer a personally tailored setup of your GO Smart site and individualized training sessions. If you need even more help from our team, read about our Smart Start custom application building!

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