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Streamline Your Grants

Simplify the way you build, manage, panel, and report on your grants, so you have more time to focus on building relationships with your grantees and understanding the needs in the communities you serve.


GO Smart gives you a
ready-to-go template to create and customize your applicant and panelist portals.

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Application Form
Create simple applications with any combination of our 9 page types, 14 question types, budget templates, and more.

Custom Homepage & Branding
Pull in your logo, branded colors, and imagery to make the GO Smart portal feel like an extension of your website.

Flexible Intake & Reporting
Tailor your grant process with intent to apply, interim report, or final report options.

NEA Tools
Capture and share tailored data with the National Endowment for the Arts.

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GO Smart makes it easy to run and manage your application process.

Templated Statuses & Workflows
Using our 20 statuses, move applicants through their journey from start to finish. You and your applicants can get comfortable with workflows that feel familiar in every cycle.

Reliable Timing
Never worry about your grant forms being available sooner than you want or past your deadline. Rely on the system to allow or block applicant’s access.

Media Library
Give your applicants a free and secure place to store their high-resolution images, audio, and video files year after year.

Communication Tools
Create auto-confirmation emails, and email individuals or applicant groups all at once right from GO Smart.

Grant Manager Dashboard
Monitor all of your applications and see important data points right on your dashboard so you can determine an applicant’s next step.


GO Smart offers an intuitive panelist portal for easy reviewing and scoring.

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Create criteria with your own custom title, description, and score range.

Panel Dashboard
Panelists can get a clear view of all assigned applications and their scoring status.

Assign as many panelists as you need to one or more panels, and invite them to the panel portal.

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GO Smart helps you analyze and tell your funding story with comprehensive reporting.

Panel Score Report
View your panelists’ scores and comments to determine your awards. See averages, criteria breakdown, and more.

Custom Report
Pull any or all of your application cycle data and view it online or download as a CSV file.

Create a single PDF file with the click of a button that includes all applications of the cycle for offline reviewing or record keeping.

NEA/FDR Reporting
Pull automatic reports inclusive of NEA coding, making your FDR reporting a sinch.

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