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3 Year Budget

3 Year Budget This page is a template that allows you to collect comprehensive budget expense, income and in-kind data.  All you will add to this page, should you choose to include it, is custom Info/Instructional text.  As a template, you cannot modify any of the cells, row labels, or column headers. We recommend that […]

Media Library Selection Page

The Media Library Selection page is a dynamic page that works with your applicants’ Media Library. It is the second step of a two-step process that allows your applicants to attach images, audio, video, and/or document files to their applications. Before applicants can select media files to attach to their applications, they must first upload […]

NEA Questions

GO Smart offers a powerful template for pass-through funders of the NEA and members of NASAA. This NEA Questions template page is updated annually to collect the exact data requested for funded projects. This page works in tandem with our NEA report that pulls NEA-coded responses into a formatted report that can be sent to […]

Convert Attachment URL to Links in Custom Reports

If you have requested attachments from applicants using the File Upload field on a custom narrative page, you will see that this attachment’s URL is part of a custom report when that page is included. The URL is not currently clickable because it is in the same cell with the file title and sits within […]

Use GO Smart’s API

We have recently added API capabilities to GO Smart! So what does this mean for you? Well let’s start with a definition. WHAT IS AN API? In the simplest terms, an API (application programming interface) is a bridge that can automatically export digital data or files from one application in to another. WHY SHOULD YOU […]