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5 Tips for Simplifying Your Grantmaking Process

A checklist and pencil on the right placed on top of a blue background. 5 tips for simplifying your grantmaking process.

Grants management can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve put together a list of five tips for simplifying your grantmaking process — let’s dive right in The key to successfully managing grants is organization, and technology can be your best friend here. Utilizing GO Smart can help you […]

Tell Your Story With Data

Tell Your Story with Data

By using an online grant management system like GO Smart, you will have a giant pool of data at your disposal to help tell your stories. When you want to tell your story with data, you may not be a graphic designer (or a millennial!) but you can easily pull statistics or trends from your […]

Before You Make That Pitch for Cloud-Based Grants Management, Start Here!

Cloud-Based Grants Management

Let’s face it: We could all use a little more money. And a lot more time. For nonprofits in particular, this is nothing new. But making the case for adopting cloud-based grants management systems can be challenging when you need the buy-in of those who may not instantly understand how such an investment will improve […]

Launch Your Grant Cycle

Prepare and launch your grant cycle by following the steps below. Learn more about these elements here: Programs Program Cycles (for logistics and to make the cycle available to users) Application Pages    

Prep Your Applicant Portal

Prepare your applicant’s grant portal by following the steps below. You can always update these settings at any time, but ensure a positive experience for your applicants by paying attention to these items before directing them to your GO Smart site. Learn more about these elements here: Home Message Branding Profile Editor Media Library Module […]

Zapier Tutorials: Connect Your GO Smart Agency Site to Your Zapier Account

Use this tutorial if you are connecting your GO Smart site to your Zapier account for the first time. 1.In the TRIGGER section of your zap creation, your third step “Connect Account” will give you the ability to connect your GO Smart agency site to Zapier (if you selected GO Smart in the first step). […]

API – Beta Testing

Hello! Thank you so much for offering to do some Beta testing of using your GO Smart API key with Zapier.  Your experiences will help us shape how you can use your GO Smart data in the future! Follow the directions below to get in and start making some Zaps! Navigate to zapier.com and create […]

API – Connect Your GO Smart Data

What is an API? Why should you use it? GO Smart Grants

When you use an online grant management system like GO Smart, you are probably collecting hundreds of data points. This digitized data can translate into countless uses for you: email lists, media folders, CRM files and on and on. These uses can become automated workflows by incorporating a program’s API (application programming interface). GO Smart […]

Intent to Apply

An Intent to Apply page is used most frequently to give grant admin the opportunity to review pre-application data and determine if an applicant should move forward. An Intent to Apply can also be used to gather information that should not be visible to a panelist. You can only include one Intent to Apply page […]

Custom Narrative

A custom narrative page is a blank slate to which you can add any of the 11 question types. Custom Narrative pages tend to be the most commonly used page of your form (application, interim report, final report) because they are the most flexible and allow you to request the most data from your applicants. […]

Custom Table Form

This page allows you to create a custom table with four columns and limitless rows.  The label column allows for your own labels or can be left as a freeform so that your applicants can enter the label.  Columns 1-3 will allow your applicants to enter numerical data according to the column headers and row […]

Calculate Across Table

This page allows you to create a table that will add or subtract rows of two numbers horizontally then add all columns vertically.  It is typically used for matching grants but can be used for any data for which you want to do simple calculations. The label column allows for your own labels or can […]

Custom Calculation

This page is constructed with fields that you will designate as Expense, Income, In-Kind, or Informational. Each field of the same designation is automatically totaled; except the informational fields which will allow you to determine which sequence of fields should be added together Applicant view of Custom Calculation page Custom Calculation Question Types As you […]

Project Budget

Project Budget This page is a template that allows you to collect budget expense, income and in-kind data.  All you will add to this page, should you choose to include it, is custom Info/Instructional text.  As a template, you cannot modify any of the cells, row labels, or column headers. We recommend that you add […]