Work Sample Select Page Suggested Info/Instruction Language

Like all pages in GO Smart, the Work Sample Select page includes an Info/Instruction text field where you can include custom language. While you can direct your applicants on how to use the Work Sample Select page in whatever way you prefer, we have created some template language you might find helpful. This dynamic page can confuse some new users who aren’t familiar with their Work Sample banks.

If you’d like, copy the language below into your Info/Instruction Text field on the Work Sample Select page. Include it along with your own language that will instruct applicants which files you want them to attach (ie, a list of the image, video, audio, and/or document files that support their application).

You must upload media to your Work Samples banks before attaching media to this page.

To attach support material from your Work Samples Banks:

  • Click any of the Attach buttons below (ie. Attach Images, Attach Audio, etc).
  • Check the box for the desired item(s).
  • Click Save and close the window.
  • Repeat for each media type.
  • Ensure that you can see your selected media at the bottom of this page and that you can view the details if you click on the thumbnail.


If you have not yet uploaded support materials to your Work Samples banks:

  • Click any of the Bank buttons below (ie. Image Bank, Audio Bank, etc). This will take you out of the application and to your Work Samples banks.
  • Follow the work sample bank instructions to upload your files.  
  • Click the Current Programs & Applications tab and then EDIT to navigate back to this application. 
  • Follow the steps above to attach your files.


See below for an example of the applicant view of a Work Sample Select page with this template language.

WSS Info language
This is an example of custom language you can include that will inform your applicants what types of support material they should attach to this application.
If you copy and paste the language above into this section, it will appear like this. You would need to highlight the first line and select red from the editor tools if you want this appearance.
This Images section, along with Audio, Video, and Documents sections, will be generated by the system according to the settings you create on the back end when you add the Work Sample Select page to your application.
Clicking the Attach Images button will display the image files that have already been uploaded to the applicant’s work sample image bank. They are given the opportunity to check off the file(s) they want to attach to this application.
Clicking the Image Bank button will take the user out of the application and into their work samples image bank. They can upload their desired file(s). They will then return to this page and use the Attach button to attach desired file(s) to this application.

Applicant view of Work Sample Select page

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