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A custom narrative page is a blank slate to which you can add any of the 11 question types. Custom Narrative pages tend to be the most commonly used page of your form (application, interim report, final report) because they are the most flexible and allow you to request the most data from your applicants.

Add a Custom Narrative page to your Application, Interim Report and/or Final Report

  1. Log in at admin.gosmart.org with your admin credentials
  2. Navigate to Front End Manager > Application Pages
  3. Select the Program and Cycle you are working on
  4. Scroll toward the bottom of the page to the “Add New Page” section
    1. If you will be adding this to the Interim or Final Report, check the appropriate checkbox

Click Add when you are ready to add the new page to your pageset.

  1. Select Custom Narrative from the Type drop down
  2. Type a title for the page as you would like it to appear to your applicant in their table of contents
  3. Click Add
  4. Click the Edit icon to the right of the new custom narrative page that now appears in the table displaying your pages
  5. Add your custom directive language in the Info/Instruction text field
  6. Add questions to request narrative data from your applicants
  7. Repeat the process to add additional custom narrative pages

NOTE:  If you need to remove a Custom Narrative page

  1. Navigate to the Front End Manager > Application Pages
  2. Select the Program and Cycle you are working on
  3. Locate the page in your table
  4. Click the red Trash icon to the right
    1. If no Trash icon is available, click Edit for the page and remove all questions
    2. Return to the Application Pages tab to view your page table, and click the Remove button that is now available for the custom narrative page

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