Project Budget

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Project Budget

This page is a template that allows you to collect budget expense, income and in-kind data.  All you will add to this page, should you choose to include it, is custom Info/Instructional text.  As a template, you cannot modify any of the cells, row labels, or column headers.

We recommend that you add one of these pages and click the edit button to review what items are being requested.  If it is asking for data that you do not need, you can easily remove this page from your pageset and review the 3 Year Budget template or create your own custom table.

*NOTE: You can include this page in your final report if you would like to utilize the itemized budget to gather expense, income, and in-kind totals for the NEA report. If you opt not to include this budget template, you can gather those singular total data points on the NEA Questions template page.

Add a custom title that your applicants will see in the application table of contents.
Column Headers cannot be modified or removed.
Row labels cannot be modified or removed. Freeform rows cannot be removed.