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Home Message – Craft the Welcome Language for Your Homepage

You should create an appropriate message that will greet visitors to your applicant site. Before they log in, visitors will see your logo–but not much else. Be sure to provide enough information to ensure that visitors know where they are and what they should do next. Log in at admin.gosmart.org. Click the Front End Manager […]

Branding – Logo

AGENCY LOGO Navigate to Front End Manager > Agency Editor. Scroll to the Branding section. Click the gray Update button (or Upload button, if you’ve not yet uploaded a logo) located just below “Agency Logo”. Select the logo from your files (we recommend using a PNG file). Click the blue Update button at the bottom […]

Profile Editor – Customize Your Applicant’s Profile Registration Form

CUSTOMIZE PROFILE You can customize some questions of your applicant’s registration form.  Some customization will occur when you and a member of the GO Smart team set up your site.  Be sure to ask about the enhanced profile which allows your applicants to set themselves as an individual or organization and to respond to the […]

Media Library Module – Setting Up Your Applicants’ Media Library

GO Smart allows you to request media from your applicants in two very distinct ways. One way requires our Media Library Module tools, discussed further below. The other option utilizes File Upload fields and/or Text fields on a Custom Narrative page. Learn more about adding these question types to a grant cycle here or see […]

Navigation Editor – Create Additional Resource Pages

Use the Navigation Editor to create additional resource pages for your applicants.  These pages will display on your applicant site as a single tab titled “Additional Resources” on the navigation bar along with the system-generated tabs.  These pages will be available to anyone who visits your site.  They frequently include guidelines, best practices, or other […]

Format Using the Text Editor Tools (aka CKEditor)

CKEditor tools that allow you to format text, add links and email addresses, and include images and files.  Table of Contents Where will you see this tool? Front End Manager > Agency Editor > Home Message Front End Manager > Navigation Editor Pages Grant Editor > Program Cycles Program Description Program Message Submission Text Confirmation […]

Link Applicants to a File on Your GO Smart Server

GO Smart allows admin to link to documents and files by hosting them on the GO Smart server. Add these links any where you can create text using the following icons at the top of a text field:  Create text within any text field on the admin portal of your GO Smart site (ie. the […]