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You can use these steps of creating your first program to create all additional programs from scratch. Alternatively, after creating one cycle of a program, you can use that cycle content to create the first cycle of a similar program.  Creating a new program this way will clone the details and settings of the Program Cycles editor, all Cycle Pages content, and any status mailers. Navigate to the Grant Editor tab and follow the steps below to simply clone the original cycle of one program to create a new program with a an exact cycle that you can modify.

NOTE: You can only activate the clone process one time, at the beginning of a build. You cannot create a second program or cycle and then clone elements of another program or cycle into that existing second program. If you have created your second program without cloning but you want to incorporate elements of an existing cycle, you will need to abandon your second program, and instead, follow the steps below to make use of existing cycles and programs. 


  1. Locate the initial cycle from the Grant Editor > Program Cycles tab.
  2. Click the Clone Tools tab and click “Create New Program“.
  3. The cycle editor will regenerate.
  4. Remove the entire cycle name and give it the name of the cycle as it should exist for Program 2.
  5. Click Save Changes to save.
  6. Navigate to the Programs subtab and locate the new clone – this will have the name of Program 1 with the word COPY appended to it.
  7. Click on that program name and find the program name towards the bottom of the screen in the Program Name field.
  8. Change the entire program name to the name for Program 2.
  9. Click Update to save.
  10. Return to the Program Cycles editor, and review all of the other settings and content of the Cycle Editor and modify anything that needs updating.
  11. Click Save Changes to save.
  12. Navigate to Cycle Pages and modify any pages or questions that need updating.
  13. Navigate to Status Mailers and disable or modify any mailers that are not ready to be sent.

Watch the 20-minute video below to get a great sense of when you should clone versus when you should build from scratch, and see a step-by-step process for cloning to build your additional programs. If the video is a bit blurry, click this link to open in YouTube.https://youtu.be/RGT3lRH_H-E