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Once you have completed building your cycle, you may want to create auto-generated emails that will be sent to your applicants based on their statuses. The most common of these is a confirmation email that will go to applicants after they submit their application; however, you can create emails that will automatically be sent when any status is met. Learn a bit more about the statuses of GO Smart here. After you determine the statuses for which you want to create auto-generated emails, follow the steps below.

NOTE: If you have more than one active status mailer per status, all will be sent when that status is met. If you use the Create New Cycle or Create New Program buttons to make a new cycle, any existing status mailers will also get cloned and will be Active. You will need to update cloned mailers as dates and other information they contain can be outdated.

  1. Navigate to the Grant Manager tab > Status Mailer subtab.
  2. Select your program and cycle from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Add new Status Mailer button at the bottom of the window.
  4. The Email Editor will open.
  5. Add all necessary information.
    1. Changing the status to Disabled will turn off that status mailer without having to delete it.
    2. Include a custom name and “reply to” email address, but note that all emails will be sent from noreply@gosmart.org. We recommend adding a note somewhere on your site, in your forms, or in your confirmation messages that applicants should add noreply@gosmart.org to their whitelists to ensure the receipt of all system emails.
    3. Include a BCC address if you would like to be notified as well (highly recommended unless you are receiving hundreds of applications).
    4. Attaching a PDF ensures that applicants have a final copy of their applications; however, they can always generate this PDF for themselves from their Current Programs & Applications tab.*
  6. Click the Add button located at the bottom of the Status Email Editor to save your text.
  7. Modify an existing status mailer by clicking the Edit button (this button will not appear until a status mailer has been created).
  8. Delete an existing status mailer by clicking the Remove button (this button will not appear until a status mailer has been created).

*Opting to Attach a PDF will always attach the Application PDF regardless of the status selected, save for the following three exceptions:

  • Intent to Apply Started, Received, and Approved – attaches the Intent to Apply
  • Interim Report Received – attaches the Interim Report
  • Final Report Received – attaches the Final Report

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