Grant Manager Dashboard – Manage Applications and Review Applicant Data

By September 27, 2017March 11th, 2021Grant Management, Knowledge Base

After applicants have begun to access your grant opportunities, you can view their activity from the grant manager dashboard. This dashboard has two main sections: the status table and the list of applicant submissions. The status table allows you to get a quick bird’s eye view of how many applicants are in any status at a given time, as well as the ability to sort the list below by status. The list of submissions allows you to interact with the applicants’ data while managing where they are in the process.

Applications by Status
Applicant Submissions


    1. Navigate to the Grant Manager tab > Grant Manager Dashboard subtab.
    2. Select your program and cycle from the drop-down menu.
  1. Scroll to the Applications by Status table.
  2. View every status available in this cycle (all 20 statuses will always be visible in this table. You can work with the GO Smart team to remove the Intent to Apply and/or Interim Report statuses if you will never use those page sets).
  3. Click the blue number to the right of the status to view only the applicants in those statuses.

Learn more about the statuses of GO Smart here.

Use the Applications by Status table to get a bird’s-eye-view of where applicants are in the grant opportunity process.
Click the number for any status to automatically view below only applicants in that status.


  1. Navigate to the Grant Manager tab > Grant Manager Dashboard .
  2. Select your program and cycle from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll to the [Cycle Name] Applications list below the status table.
  4. View every application that is part of this grant cycle.
  5. Determine how you view the list by using the Records per Page and Sort drop-down tools.
  6. Review your list of applications and use this section to:
    1. Delete an applicant’s data (use caution, this cannot be undone).
    2. Add important NEA information (for NEA reporters only).
    3. Manually change statuses. Learn more about statuses here.
    4. Add and review internal comments that are only visible to admin and can be included in reports.
    5. View and/or edit Category Sort Select items (Budget Range in the example above).
    6. Assign Received applicants to a Panel (after the panel has been created).
    7. Log in as that user by clicking Login.
    8. Review a read-only form of the applicant’s data by clicking the Intent to Apply, Application, Interim Report and/or Final Report link in the far-right View Forms column. An HTML version will open for onscreen review; this can easily be converted to PDF for printing.
View active applicants and sort by valuable headers
Use additional NEA tools to add necessary data (for NEA reporters only).
View or change your applicant’s status to manage their progress throughout the program.
Use up to three Category Sort Select questions to include valuable responses on the dashboard.
Assign applicants to panels when you’re ready for the review process.
Login as the applicant to help troubleshoot.
Preview the applicant’s submissions as HTML and PDF documents.