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Zapier Tutorials: Connect Your GO Smart Agency Site to Your Zapier Account

Use this tutorial if you are connecting your GO Smart site to your Zapier account for the first time. 1.In the TRIGGER section of your zap creation, your third step “Connect Account” will give you the ability to connect your GO Smart agency site to Zapier (if you selected GO Smart in the first step). […]

API – Beta Testing

Hello! Thank you so much for offering to do some Beta testing of using your GO Smart API key with Zapier.  Your experiences will help us shape how you can use your GO Smart data in the future! Follow the directions below to get in and start making some Zaps! Navigate to zapier.com and create […]

API – Connect Your GO Smart Data

What is an API? Why should you use it? GO Smart Grants

When you use an online grant management system like GO Smart, you are probably collecting hundreds of data points. This digitized data can translate into countless uses for you: email lists, media folders, CRM files and on and on. These uses can become automated workflows by incorporating a program’s API (application programming interface). GO Smart […]

Use GO Smart’s API

We have recently added API capabilities to GO Smart! So what does this mean for you? Well let’s start with a definition. WHAT IS AN API? In the simplest terms, an API (application programming interface) is a bridge that can automatically export digital data or files from one application in to another. WHY SHOULD YOU […]