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Use this tutorial if you are connecting your GO Smart site to your Zapier account for the first time.

1.In the TRIGGER section of your zap creation, your third step “Connect Account” will give you the ability to connect your GO Smart agency site to Zapier (if you selected GO Smart in the first step). Click the Connect button. 

2. You will see this popup appear that asks for your API key.

An API key is a long string of characters that allows one software product to speak to another.  Zapier uses this key to easily sync up your products, but your IT team might be able to use the API key to create custom bridges between your GO Smart site and custom software such as a city or state database.

3. In a different browser window, navigate to your admin.gosmart.org portal.   We have turned on a new tab titled API. Click on this API tab. If you don’t see the API tab, please contact us at help@gosmart.org and we will turn it on immediately.

4. Click the “Generate Key” button and your key will appear. Generate a user and create a password that you will enter whenever you are asked for this key. 

5. Copy the long string of characters (your key) and paste it in the Zapier popup window.  You will be prompted to login with your new credentials.If you find that the new username and password doesn’t work, use your existing GO Smart admin credentials. Allow Zapier to view artist’s profiles, etc. You will see a new account listed and selected with a generic name like GO Smart (1.0.0). Click the pencil icon and change the name to something unique, we recommend the name of your agency (ie. Denver Arts).

6. Test your connection by clicking the “Test” button to the right and verify that the key worked properly.  If successful, click Continue. 

7. You may see some Hints from the system about testing your sample data, read and arrow through or click Continue.

Your GO Smart agency is now connected to your Zapier account.  You can use this same account over and over again in multiple zaps.  We recommend not regenerating a key on the GO Smart site, because this will break any previous zaps made with the previous key.  Be in touch with us at help@gosmart.org with any questions.

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