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Make your GO Smart data work for you behind the scenes with your new API key! We recommend using Zapier, a cloud-based API, to connect your GO smart data to thousands of other programs. 

With this tutorial, you will create a zap that will update a MailChimp List when a GO Smart Profile is added or updated.  If you don’t use MailChimp, but instead use something like Emma or Constant Contact, you can swap in that program for MailChimp. 

Take a second to learn some of the basic Zapier terminology before you jump in.

1. Navigate to Zapier and sign up or login with your zapier credentials.

2. Click the orange Make a Zap button in the top right corner of the screen.


3. Choose your trigger app by typing GO Smart into the search field and click it

4. Choose your trigger by selecting “Applicant Profile Updated” from the list of available options and click Save + Continue

5. Select your GO Smart agency site from the connected accounts and click Save + Continue

6. Test your step by clicking the Fetch & Continue button

7. If your test was successful, click Continue


8. Choose your action app by searching for MailChimp and clicking on it. 

9. Select your action by clicking on “Add/Update Subscriber” and click Save + Continue.

10. Connect your account to Zapier by clicking Connect and entering your MailChimp credentials when prompted. Again, if you do not use MailChimp, swap it out in these instructions for the mail service provider you use. Test the connection by clicking Test.  If successful, click Save + Continue

11. Set up the template by selecting the items you want to populate in MailChimp. You’ll see the items listed below.  

12. Test this step by clicking Continue after completing your settings and then click the “Send Test to MailChimp” button.

13. If all was successful, go back to your Zapier setup and click the “Finish” button

14. Name your zap, we called ours Update MailChimp List, and turn it ON

**Remember that this is only proactive with NEW triggers and actions.  All of your existing profile data will NOT be zapped into your MailChimp list, but you can easily export it from a GO Smart Custom Report spreadsheet into MailChimp and then let your zap work for all of your future profiles.

See this tutorial with images here!

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