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UI and Accessibility Updates – March 2023

We’ve made enhancements to the GO Smart applicant and admin portals. Read on for a comprehensive list of these changes and some recommended actions. We suggest that you log in to your applicant portal and review the contents of your site as well as the contents of your applications and forms so that you can […]

Draft Review

Use the Draft Review feature to allow applicants to submit a draft version of their application. Setting Draft Review to Yes and providing a draft review deadline for this cycle, will display a draft review deadline date on their Current Programs & Applications tab. Applicants will see an additional option on their Application Submit page […]

Preview Your Page

Clicking this button atop any page of your cycles will open a new window in your browser that mimics what your applicants will see and how they will interact with this page. In the new window you will see a header in the top right that displays the Create New Account and Login buttons, but […]

Introduction to the Multiple Submission Tool

GO Smart has added an enhanced feature that you may have seen on your Custom Narrative page editors in the last few weeks. Read on to learn more about this feature and how it will save you time, decrease applicant confusion, and create a clean review experience for your panelists. Watch the webinar that was […]

Flex Forms

A single GO Smart cycle has the capacity to offer the following forms: one application and an optional intent to apply, interim report, and final report. If you need to offer alternative forms such as reimbursement requests, invoice requests, a stand-alone interim or final report, etc. you will likely need to create a flexible form […]

Dates and Deadlines

From the Grant Editor > Program Cycles > Applicant Access & Dates tab, you will determine all the settings that make a cycle visible to your applicants. After selecting Show to ensure that your cycle appears on the applicant’s Current Programs & Applications tab (unless you have an invitation code in place), you will see […]

WESTAF’s 2021 Creative Vitality™ Summit

2021 Creative Vitality Summit

Powered by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), GO Smart is one program in a suite of products that aims to amplify impact and enrich the lives of artists, arts administrators, arts organizations, and communities. In that spirit, GO Smart is excited to share that WESTAF will kick off its first Creative Vitality™ Summit virtually, […]

Sequence – Determine the Order of Your Active Cycles

Cycles are visible to your applicants on their Current Programs & Applications (CP&A) tab when you set the Display setting to Show from the Grant Editor > Program Cycles > Applicant Access & Dates section. A shown cycle is also referred to as an “active” cycle. You can determine the order of all active cycles […]

Security and HTTPS

GO Smart requires an SSL certificate to open linked web pages. This means applicants need to provide web page links that begin with the https:// lead in if they want reviewers to link directly to their support material.  Applicants may type in any active webpage when you request that they provide links to their support […]

Media Request Using a Custom Narrative Page

You have likely learned a lot about how to use the Media Library and Media Library Selection page to request media from your applicants. Using those tools requires a two-step process for both you and your applicants. The benefits of using those tools are: Applicants can store and manage high quality media files in their […]

Launch Additional Programs

You can use these steps of creating your first program to create all additional programs from scratch. Alternatively, after creating one cycle of a program, you can use that cycle content to create the first cycle of a similar program.  Creating a new program this way will clone the details and settings of the Program Cycles […]

Launch Your Grant Cycle

After you have set up your site with a member of the GO Smart team, you will likely be eager to launch your first grant. Navigate to the Grant Editor tab to do the following:  Create and modify the names of your programs from Programs. Manage the logistics and settings from the Program Cycles Editor. […]

Launch Additional Cycles

After offering your initial cycle of a program, you will likely need to prepare for your next cycle (aka, the next offering of your grant opportunity). Navigate to the Grant Editor tab and follow the steps below to simply clone the previous cycle of that program to create your new cycle. Creating a new cycle will clone the details and settings of the Program […]

Launch Your Grant Cycle

Prepare and launch your grant cycle by following the steps below. Learn more about these elements here: Programs Program Cycles (for logistics and to make the cycle available to users) Application Pages    

GO Smart Statuses

GO Smart Statuses Admin will manage the progress of an applicant’s cycle activity by using the statuses on the Grant Manager dashboard. Some statuses occur automatically based on applicants’ actions from their Current Programs & Applications page. Other statuses must be manually selected by an admin in order to determine the progress of the application. Admin […]

Definitions, Hints, and Tips

Though we hope that you’ll find GO Smart to be intuitive, there are a few places where you may want to know a little bit more about the language we use, some lesser-known tools, and system rules. DEFINITIONS  Grant Opportunity – Your entire workflow of a single grant process that includes any or all of […]

Prep Your Applicant Portal

Prepare your applicant’s grant portal by following the steps below. You can always update these settings at any time, but ensure a positive experience for your applicants by paying attention to these items before directing them to your GO Smart site. Learn more about these elements here: Home Message Branding Profile Editor Media Library Module […]

NEA Tools

There are several tools in GO Smart to assist with the FDR reporting required of pass-through funders of the National Endowment of the Arts. The NEA Questions Template (the 2023 updates for which are laid out in detail below) The Activity Locations Template The Project Budget Template The NEA Report The Activity Locations Report At […]