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Zapier Tutorials: Connect Your GO Smart Agency Site to Your Zapier Account

Use this tutorial if you are connecting your GO Smart site to your Zapier account for the first time. 1.In the TRIGGER section of your zap creation, your third step “Connect Account” will give you the ability to connect your GO Smart agency site to Zapier (if you selected GO Smart in the first step). […]

API – Beta Testing

Hello! Thank you so much for offering to do some Beta testing of using your GO Smart API key with Zapier.  Your experiences will help us shape how you can use your GO Smart data in the future! Follow the directions below to get in and start making some Zaps! Navigate to zapier.com and create […]

Custom Table Form

This page allows you to create a custom table with four columns and limitless rows.  The label column allows for your own labels or can be left as a freeform so that your applicants can enter the label.  Columns 1-3 will allow your applicants to enter numerical data according to the column headers and row […]

Calculate Across Table

This page allows you to create a table that will add or subtract rows of two numbers horizontally then add all columns vertically.  It is typically used for matching grants but can be used for any data for which you want to do simple calculations. The label column allows for your own labels or can […]

Branding – Logo

AGENCY LOGO Navigate to Front End Manager > Agency Editor. Scroll to the Branding section. Click the gray Update button (or Upload button, if you’ve not yet uploaded a logo) located just below “Agency Logo”. Select the logo from your files (we recommend using a PNG file). Click the blue Update button at the bottom […]

Cycle Pages – Multiple Submission

Use the Multiple Submission tool to build a single set of questions and allow that set to be submitted multiple times per applicant. NOTE: This feature will be billed annually at $150 per cycle that utilizes the tool. Discounts are available when 5 or more cycles use the tool per year. Talk to a member […]

Cycle Pages – Conditional Logic

Utilize conditional logic on your custom narrative pages to show or hide questions based on an applicant’s responses to previous questions.  When to use conditional logic Definitions Using conditional logic  What to know before using conditional logic When to use Conditional Logic Conditional logic, sometimes referred to as form logic, allows you to tailor your […]